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Eternal Strength Family


Smitty is a holistic healer on all fronts. Smitty weaves his psycho-spiritual exploration and practices into his therapeutic work with clients and families in a woven tapestry of authentic alignment and connection.

He believes in the importance of creating and carving unique and individual sacred space for each human soul he works with. His heartfelt connection to nature, body/mind attunement and meditation allow him to offer mind/ body/ soul guidance and support to all youth on their journey of growth.

Smitty has worked in numerous facilities providing psychotherapy to individuals and families struggling with a multitude of challenges, i.e. substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, and many other arenas.

Smitty is an ally to families and clients moving through the journey of developmental growth and brings his authentic voice as a holistic healer to provide empowerment, guidance and insight for all those he works with. Also, he’s got one of the best mustaches in the world and can outrun a cheetah

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