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Eternal Strength Family


Kara Morrissey, our Clinical Director at Eternal Strength, is passionate about creative living and

psychic expansion through empathetic connection and symbolic expression. Kara was raised

moving between far West Texas and rural Southeast Alaska, both regions teaching her about

connection between natural ecosystems and the spectrum of human relationships.

Kara has spent the last seven years working in a range of settings including acute psychiatric

care on the community and state hospital levels, forensic mental health, juvenile justice,

substance misuse & amp; recovery, and residential rehabilitation. Each of these settings have

illuminated the structure of current healthcare, showing points of strength as well as deep

cracks in the system’s integrity.


Kara is passionate about supporting a culture within Eternal

Strength and beyond that is person-centered, humanistic, and believes that no experience goes to waste.

Kara Morrissey is a graduate of The University of Georgia, Florida State University, and is a

Registered Art Therapist, Clinical Psychotherapist, and trained practitioner of brainspotting.

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