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Eternal Strength Family


Ashley is a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) and clinical therapist relocating from Nashville, Tennessee. Ashley is a graduate of Florida State University’s Master’s of Art Therapy and clinical mental health counseling program and has experience leading group and individual treatment in the prison setting, schools, and acute and long term psychiatric care.

Since living and working in Nashville, her focus has been primarily in the hospital setting— specifically inpatient psychiatric care— serving those with persistent mental health diagnoses and substance abuse who are in active crisis. After serving clients in these settings, Ashley opened up a private practice to work with individuals and families in a more dynamic, holistic setting, in order to serve those looking for a place that could effectively aid them in experiencing wellness that is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Ashley’s goal is to foster a community using art therapy’s naturally dynamic and person-centered process to give clients the control and empowerment needed to process and explore their ideas in a flexible and non-threatening way.

After several years in private practice, Ashley has moved to the Atlanta area to join the team at Eternal Strength Therapeutic Youth Center to further expand person-centered work with teens and young adults.

Ashley specializes in working with creative young people navigating new mental health diagnoses or mood and anxiety disorders that have a long history of treatment or psychotherapy as well as young adults who desire autonomy but are not currently equipped for independent living.

We are beyond blessed to have this incredible, beautiful soul as part of the fam.

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